Who are we?

WOTU is India's first B2B food ingredient Platform for
HORECA (Hotels, Restaurants & Caterers)

WOTU serves as a B2B platform for a vast variety of products such as fruits, vegetables, groceries, meat & poultry, dairy & seafood. We cater to a wide range of businesses starting from standalone restaurants and pubs to large scale hotels and food chains.

The idea behind WOTU is to provide a one stop procurement service for all your food ingredient needs, sourced directly from farms, processors, manufacturers and millers.

Now you have the ease of ordering on our Android, iOS or Web app and get the freshest high quality ingredients delivered to you daily.

What can you buy and sell?

Just about any food item!

Vegetables & Fruits


Meat & Poultry


Why Wotu?

Nationwide Marketplace

Reach out to buyers across geographies, who will be able to place orders for your products anywhere across the country. Let your local business grow nationally and internationally.

Improved Analytics

Our data analytics helps grow your business as a preferred supplier based on parameters of quality and cost. We provide analytics to you as well as to our buyers to help your business grow.

Branding & Marketing support

We propagate your brand and values to our buyers. So not only do you increase your customer base but your new customers will also learn to recognize your company as their suppliers of choice.

Trusted Buyers

Access to verified buyers that are seeking to place direct orders. All our buyers have been vetted by us as being genuine

Direct Sales

Increase your sales by receiving direct orders and not just inquiries. Your orders will be tracked and monitored with world class order processing and logistics support.

Higher profits - unlocking value

By selling your products directly to buyers you will be able to increase your profit margins and build direct relationships with your end customers

One Stop Shop

You can now get all your products under one roof. We offer you a choice of products across several categories such as vegetables, fruits, meat, groceries & dairy at competitive prices.

Reduced wastage and loss

Our instant order processing system and express delivery system allows you to order as required and even in smaller quantities thus reducing your wastage and storage loss. Also avail of our Sample orders option, a nice way to get started!.

Best value savings

By ordering directly from our suppliers, we believe we can unlock value and savings for your business. You will find a range of competitive pricing and be able to compare suppliers based on cost, quality and volume.

Verified Sellers

All our sellers have been verified as being well established and reputed suppliers in their category. These sellers are some of the finest when it comes to quality and are keen to build long term relationships.

Improved Analytics

By tracking your order history, we can help you better manage your inventory stocks, with reminders, suggest new options and share promotions that may interest you

Reduced sourcing time

Our highly structured catalouge will allow you to search, compare and order in a matter of minutes. No need to lengthy tender process and multiple visits to cumbersome markets. We bring the market to you


  • How do I sign on as a supplier with WOTU?

    You can log on to www.wotu.in and sign up with a few clicks. Alternatively you can write in to us at [email protected] with a brief description of the commodities you trade in along with your contact details and one of our account managers will get in touch with you.

  • What are the kinds of commodities that I can trade on through WOTU?

    We like to work with commodity wholesalers and retailers in all categories of fruits, vegetables, grains, pulses, meat, poultry, seafood, groceries & dairy products.

  • What is the profile of buyers/clients I will be supplying too?

    We engage with clients from all segments of the hotel and food chain industry. This includes large scale hotel chains as well standalone restaurants, pubs, bakeries and food chains.

  • How do I update stocks and prices of my products dynamically?

    You can access the product listing page on www.wotu.in and update prices of products as required.

  • How will the pickup and delivery of products be handled?

    We undertake the complete logistics and transportation starting from pick up from you facility, transportation, and delivery at the clients facility through our dedicated logistics partner.

  • Will there be any mark up on product prices or charges levied on me?

    WOTU will add a small mark up to cover costs incurred for delivery of goods

  • I am a supplier of ancillary non consumable commodities related to the hotel and food chain industry. Can I register with WOTU?

    We would love to hear from you on the type of products you supply. Please do write in to us at [email protected] and we will get back to you if there is a need for your product among our buyer network.

  • I am a commodity supplier who is not Bangalore based but would like to register with WOTU and grow my network.

    Please do write in to us at [email protected] and we will work with you on how to sell you products among our buyers.

  • How do I register as a buyer or even browse through the services offered before I starting placing orders?

    Please log on to www.wotu.in to register with a few simple clicks. For any queries, you can write to us at [email protected].

  • What will I need to do before I can start placing orders on WOTU?

    Apart from a valid login id and password on www.wotu.in, not much.

  • Will I be able to source all my consumable commodity needs through WOTU?

    Absolutely, we are in effect and e-mandi and you will be able to source all types of commodities starting from all categories of fruits, vegetables, grains, pulses, meat, and poultry. Apart from this you also have an option to choose from multiple suppliers as well as compare suppliers based on cost & supplier rating.

  • How do I handle payments to suppliers for orders placed?

    For most categories, payments will have to made via a post dated cheque at the time of delivery based on the credit period agreed to at the time of order.

  • Who will handle the delivery of products and any reverse logistics if applicable?

    We have engaged with a reliable logistics partner who handles all our transportation and storage needs. They ensure timely delivery as well as returns as required.

  • I currently procure my commodities through my procurement team or through an agent who delivers my needs at my doorstep, Can WOTU make this process easier or more cost efficient?

    Our model makes it easy for you and your procurement teams to compare and evaluate suppliers based on quality, cost and product availability. This in turn thus makes the whole procurement process easier and cost effective. Our focus is to deliver value directly by making buying easy.

  • What is the average delivery time for products ordered?

    We deliver all products within 24 hours of placing the order

  • Are there any membership charges applicable to me?

    You can register and place orders on WOTU absolutely free of cost.

  • Will I need to pay for delivery of goods?

    No, all delivery is free of charge.


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